Sunday, January 8, 2012

Five Myths and Truths about Tim Tebow:

  Myth:  Tebow lost the last three games, after winning the six of the previous seven.
Truth: The Broncos lost the last three games, and won six of the previous seven.  It's always been a team success, not an individual triumph by Tebow.   Tebow said it best, "There's no 'Tebow Time,' just 'Bronco Time'."   Sure, Tebow can inspire, but he is not, despite the media-hype, a miracle-worker.  He needs better play calling from the offensive coordinator, a better game plan that give him better options (both run and pass), and receivers who don't have butterfingers.  
Myth:   Tebow can't pass, and his passing numbers are so bad because he's inaccurate.
Truth:  Tebow is better-than-average passer.  He didn't set those college records at Florida because he couldn't pass. Tebow's passing numbers are so bad because, a) he's constantly throwing in desperation situations, b) his receivers drop a lot of on-the-money passes, c)  he waits too long to throw the ball.   Yes, he has to make quicker decisions, but that's a learning curve any rookie goes through. 
Myth:  Coach John Fox brilliantly revamped the Bronco offense to accommodate Tebow's unique skills. 
Truth:   Un, no, not so much.  With a few notable exceptions, the Broncos have settled into a traditional, somewhat unimaginative grind it out run offense, in which the quarterback is encouraged to stay in the pocket and pass -- often in very obvious passing situations or against prevent defenses.  Much was made of the Broncos employing a retro college-style option, but anyone watching the games would know they barely run it.  Nor do they run many plays that have Tebow rolling out or stretching out the defense, to give he a chance to make a smart run/pass call.  They basically run off tackle and pass out of the pocket. 
Myth:   Tebow can't improve.
Truth:  Tebow must improve, and likely will, if given the chance.  No one works harder, and he certainly has the ability.
Myth:   Tebow's washed up if he doesn't win today's playoff game, big.
Truth:  Tebow will be snapped up by any number of teams should the Broncos be foolish enough to cut him loose.  I predict Redskins or Jaguars, would be prime candidates to sign him, in a heartbeat.